December 2023 Newsletter

December 2023 Newsletter

December 2023 Newsletter

December 19, 2023 Read

End of year 2023 Newsletter

Happy Girls at HFOC

We are nearing the end of 2023 and we would like to share and celebrate with you some great UKHF and HFOC accomplishments of this year. If you follow us on social media you will have already seen many of the photos and updates included in this newsletter. If you don’t follow us already and would also like to see UKHF updates more regularly click on the Facebook or Instagram icons below to start doing just that.

Before you continue reading about all the achievements of this past year, we’d like you to consider becoming a regular donor to ensure the school can thrive and our 250 children can be well fed, safe, and educated. Our school remains the best school in the district with the highest grades awarded by the government.

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Water Well and Water Tank - Sustainability Project

Water Well Buing Built Last year, in the End of Year newsletter we shared with you the problems of the droughts and consequent hardships Uganda was experiencing. The children had to walk miles to the nearest well and carry the water back to school and the dormitory for all their needs. What a lot can happen in a year! Thanks to a generous donation from Adventurer’s Summit we have been able to construct a well. Happily there were enough funds subsequently to set up a water tank that can hold water from the well and support efficient irrigation of the crops.

This is a life changing accomplishment as it allows HFOC to become more self-sustainable with supplies of home grown food. The children are now fed more efficiently, whilst also saving on the cost of food and insuring against the chances of failed crops due to droughts.

Water Tank

Nursery Building

Nursery Building The Trevor Catchpole Foudnation was instrumental in building our new nursery block. We are extremly grateful for their outstanding generosity. The community of Busiiro was so enthusiastic they contributed bricks and a workforce to complete the project in time for the government inspection to certify the completion of the school requirements. We can now say that all our children are learning in clean, safe classrooms and the building of the school is finally and successfully completed.

As you can see from the images above and below the new nursery building is painted in the same bright colour as the other buildings, is fitted with windows, and has a covered porch which allows the children to eat their food in the shade. Nursery Building

Book Making - Sustainability Project

Book Making Book Making Over the past years UKHF has been working hard with HFOC to increase their self-sustainability. One of the projects we supported successful this year is the book-making project.

This project teaches children life-skills, helps create exercise books for them to use in their own learning, as well as allowing the school to earn money by selling the surplus exercise books.

In the photos above you can see the progress of the older children making the books with support of the teachers. Below you can see the finished product as well as the children’s proud and happy faces after they made a great number of books! Book Making Book Making

Tailoring - Sustainability Project

Another project UKHF has supported successful is the tailoring project.

Having the sewing machines for sewing lessons teach the children useful and marketable skills. Having the sewing machines for the tailoring project creates a range of income-generating avenues.

The two main avenues recently explored are uniforms and crafts. The school has engaged other schools in the community and beyond to get orders for school uniforms to generate an income. Contact has also been made with existing craft shops to develop a relationship that could be mutually beneficial and increase the self-sustainability of HFOC.

We will keep you updated through our social media channels of any developments so keep an eye out! Tailoring

Looking for Regular Donors or Trustees

It is due to our loyal donors that we have been able to support HFOC for as long as have, which is nearing 15 years!

However the cost of living is increasing globally and it means the running costs of the school are too.

We are in real need of both regular donors and one-off donors. It doesn’t need to be a large monthly amount or a giant lumpsum. We mean it when we say every little bit helps and is appreciated! If you can and are willing to support us with a regular or one-off donation please click one of the donate buttons in this newsletter.

If you cannot support financially, but you would like to contribute you might want to become a trustee or help us with fundraising events. If this is the case please reach out to us through our social media accounts (click on the icon below) or by emailing! Click to donate!