June 2023 Newsletter

June 2023 Newsletter

June 2023 Newsletter

June 05, 2023 Read

It is halfway through 2023 and there is a lot going on at the school in Busiiro.

There are a couple of exciting building projects about to start and some sustainable agricultural projects we’d like to pursue, that we would love you to support!

We’d firstly like to thank the Mary Alice Fortin Foundation and the Bicycle to Bloemendaal fundraising event by a group of dedicated parents and children in The Netherlands. It is thanks to their continuing generosity that we are able to pay for the running costs of the school, allowing the children to continue to learn, be fed, and stay safe and healthy.

Do you want to become a regular donor to ensure the school can stay open so the children can stay fed, safe, and educated?

Please press one of the buttons below to donate. You will be making a difference!

A little goes a long way in Busiiro! Just Giving Donation Page

Water Well - Sustainability Project

Crops Droughts are more and more common in Uganda. Historically there have, of course, been years with droughts, but global warming is making it an almost yearly occurrence. Thanks to a generous donation from Adventurer’s Summit we have been able to send the money to dig a well. If you remember from our previous newsletter the children had to walk miles to the nearest water source. This new build will allow our children and staff at the school to have reliable access to water for drinking, eating, and growing their own crops. This will help improve the self-sustainability of the school by decreasing their monthly expenditure on food, whilst at the same time improving the wellbeing of the children.

The building has already started as you can see in the photo below. Water Well Being Built

Nursery Building

Old Nursery Although the children in our nursery classes are in school, fed, and learning, the buildings their classrooms are in are falling apart, as you can see on the photographs above and below this text. They’re made of wood and are being worn down by weather and mites. All the other classes are, thanks to generous donations, in brick buildings, but we ran out of funds for the nursery classes. Happily, we have been fortunate enough to have received a donation from the Trevor Catchpole Foundation for the nursery building. Due to COVID, the foundations of the building couldn’t commence at the time that we received the funds, but now all restrictions have been lifted and are therefore able to start building.

We will be excited to show you the building in progress! Keep an eye on our social media pages to get photo updates of the build. Kids Outside Old Nursery

Upcoming Sustainability Projects

Bee Keeping We are looking at funding and increasing a range of sustainability projects with the aim to make HFOC as self-sustainable as possible and decrease their reliance on our donations. Please read more about the upcoming sustainability projects we are fundraising for below.


Beekeeping will teach the children a potentially income generating life skill, as well as generate income for the school by selling honey and using the beeswax. There is a market for honey in the local area and bees are known to have been successfully kept in Uganda.


By farming, both crops and livestock, the school will be able to decrease it’s expenditure on food and increase income by selling surplus to local community and wider area. In addition, it will teach the children another potentially income generating life skill.

As you’ve seen earlier in this newsletter the school already has some land and crops, it also has two cows. However, to make it income generating we need to expand and increase.

If you have any other ideas please reach out to us to share them through our social medias or with an email to admin@ukhealingfocus.org.

If you’d like to support one of the above mentioned projects please click on one of the donate buttons below and leave a message with your donation so we know to earmark it for the project! Just Giving Donation Page

Looking for Regular Donors or Trustees

It is due to our loyal regular donors that we have been able to support HFOC for as long as have, which is over 12 years!

However the cost of living is increasing globally and it means the running costs of the school are too.

We are in real need of more regular donors, it doesn’t need to be a large monthly amount. We mean it when we say every little bit helps and is appreciated! If you can and are willing to support us with a regular donations please click on one of the donate buttons above.

If you cannot support monetarily but you would like to contribute you might want to become a trustee or help us with fundraising events. If this is the case please reach out to us through our social media accounts (click on the icon below) or by emailing admin@ukhealingfocus.org or ruby@ukhealingfocus.org!