Student Scholarship Scheme

Our student scholarship scheme

Despite intense hardship, Healing Children’s orphans remain inspired and have great ambition to be doctors, teachers and lawyers, often with the aim of helping others within their community. Sadly access to secondary education is very rare because of the lack of financial support.

For example, the excellent exam results have meant that several Healing Children School pupils are offered government scholarships but as the sum does not cover all the other essentials, like books and uniforms, many of the orphans and the Guardians looking after them, cannot afford to take up a place.

So in 2012 UKHF began to address the need to help orphaned children progress to secondary education. We set up the UKHF Scholarship Scheme inviting donors to sponsor a child or pay a regular donation into the fund and, as a consequence, the first five students joined Busiiro Secondary School.

Our first group of children, Bayati, Mariam, Irene, Annet and Ali, settled well into school and started a programme which , in 2018 had 20 students, 5 in each year. Moreover we are delighted that we now have graduates who, for the first time in Busiiro, are continuing to university.

The UKHF Scholarship fund is designed to cover all the costs for an entire year for the children moving into Secondary School.

This includes:

  • Full board
  • Bunk bed & mattress
  • School Uniform
  • School Shoes
  • Sports Kit
  • Medical Cover
  • Computer Studies
  • Field trips
  • Pocket money

The average cost per child is £940 per year including a small contingency sum to cover any unforeseen extras and fluctuations in the exchange rate. The funding is ring-fenced to ensure effective management and UKHF is in regular contact with the Head Teacher, with funds sent direct to the secondary school at the beginning of the school year. The fund is designed to be flexible so, for example, if a sponsored child cannot complete their education, we will redirect funds so that another child can take up the place.

If you would like to support this work we ask that you consider setting up an annual, quarterly or monthly Direct Debit to the Scholarship fund. As a regular giver we will send you an annual update about the students.

There are several ways to make a payment to UKHF.

Online via Paypal:

Donate an amount through Paypal by clicking the button below:

By Cheque Payable to:


By Bank Transfer:

  • Bank name: The Co-operative Bank
  • Bank address: PO BOX 48, 1 Balloon Street, Manchester M60 4EP
  • Account name: UK Friends of Healing Focus Orphanage Centre Sponsorship Account
  • Account number: 65607710
  • Sort Code: 08-92-99
  • IBAN: GB97CPBK08929965607710
  • Reference: Please put your full name

Via Our JustGiving Page:

Set up a regular monthly donation, or a one time payment, by clicking the button below via our JustGiving page:

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Frequently asked questions:

How are children allocated?

Students are put forward for scholarship funding according to their level of need and academic achievement. UKHF liaise closely with Tom the founder of Healing Focus Orphanage Centre, the Headteacher and Teachers at Healing Children School to identify potential students after they take their primary school leaving examinations.

Where do the scholarship students attend secondary school?

Students attend Busiiro Secondary School, located just walking distance from their primary school. This is a very good school, led by Head Teacher Madam Aanyu Ioyce Mary, who, along with his staff, ensures that children receive a good education in a well resourced and safe environment.

How are children monitored?

In addition to liaising directly with Head Teacher, Madam Aanyu Ioyce Mary, along with his staff at Busiiro Secondary School, Beatrice Kwiza, Teacher and School Matron at Healing Children School, continues to visit them every month to ensure that they receive additional support and care.

Will I receive information about the student’s progress?

Yes. UKHF will send you a yearly report. If you would prefer a termly update, we can arrange to provide this.

Can I choose which child I pay for?

We are always delighted when people choose to assist a student. However, in order to ensure total impartiality, the decision regarding who is given a scholarship is made by the personnel in Uganda.

Can I share the cost of a childs education with some friends?

Yes! Just let us know the names and contact numbers for the group so we can keep you updated and find a payment method that will work for everybody.

How often will I be required to provide funding?

All school fees need to be in place by the end of January every year as students start their new school year in February. So if you make an annual payment, we will contact you in the November and hope that you will be able to continue your support so that there is continuity of care.

How long would the scholarship run for?

Secondary education to O’level is 4 years, so when a child receives a UKHF scholarship we commit to their support for 4 years.