The Future is looking bright!

The Future is looking bright!

The Future is looking bright!

April 01, 2015 Read

Just returned from this year’s trip to Uganda and Healing Children School, delighted, proud and overjoyed at how the children are thriving and so impressed at the brilliant job the teachers are doing.

The grain store is bursting with maize. The library has been built and is by now stacked with every book on the school’s wish list, donated by our friends from Much Ado Books. Guttering is complete to take full advantage of the rainy season. Glitches in the solar system have been repaired. We had a great morning with the local architect inspecting the site for the new building on land donated by our patron, Helen Mirren, and needless to say we were all thrilled to be present at this year’s Gala and graduation day.

We took enough funds with us to shop for a few outstanding items: like extra bunkbeds for the safe house girls, another cooking pot for the kitchen, a wheelbarrow and a new bicycle to transport jerry cans of drinking water from the village bore hole. (The water in our rain tank is not always potable but is used for washing/cleaning).


It has taken just 7 years to progress from 60 children, some in a vocational school with no sewing machines, some attending a school with no teachers and others sleeping on Tom’s father’s floor, to a fully functioning primary and junior school with 14 teachers and 250 children, plus a safe house for 32 at risk girls, all without exception well looked after, fed and cared for.

All this has been achieved by a small group of friends. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!