UKHF Projects: Fresh water supply

Return to the projects pageFrom the very beginning when Healing Focus became a school, there had been a problem with supplying enough fresh water to the children. The communal* borehole, on the edge of the school site, would often break down or the water become contaminated. By the time of our visit in 2010, the water had been declared unfit to drink and consequently water was being fetched, (when finances permitted), by bike or lorry, or carried long distances by hand in large plastic containers.
During our visit we met with the Guardians and some Board members at the School and one of their most urgent requests was for the water pump/borehole to be mended.
After 3 months, we were able to transfer funds to have it repaired, thus we were saving transport costs but we were aware that it would only ever be a temporary measure. We asked Tom to investigate constructing a new borehole but it soon became apparent that, due to the costs involved and the fact that the water would, (by law), remain communal*, the best solution would be a large water tank.

We set about getting estimates and looking at different systems of storage. We also had to face the problem of installing a permanent structure when we were still on rented property. A water tank became part of our wish list, but the problem was not fully addressed until 2013 when the school finally moved to its own land, and the water supply became a major focus for fundraising. In 2013 friends and donors from the USA generously supplied funds to buy a large rain water collection tank and we were able to send, in addition to our monthly stipend, extra cash for its installation. Now the tank is supplemented with rain conserving guttering and pipes and no precious water is lost during the rainy season.