UKHF Project: Desks

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One of our ongoing concerns was lack of desks. In the early days of the school, children sat on cramped benches trying their best to write on their laps. In the old school we were able to fund-raise for some desks for the older children but when the school moved to its new site in 2013 with new classrooms, fund-raising to buy desks became a priority.

Working in conjunction with our new Patron, Dame Helen Mirren, we were able to fundraise to send approx. £2,202.00 to install Desks in all the classrooms.

Now, in 2014, each classroom is fully fitted out with desks which are built with a bench attached so to make maximum use of the space.

“We managed to have the desks done and brought to the school. It was all joy from the staff and pupils as well. We thank you for your kind support. The Healing School is now a better place for our children”. Tom Bagoole Nov. 2013.

All the new  desks are made locally, some all wood, some wood and metal

When we arrived the Head Teacher was keen to report an immense improvement to the children’s writing, and after reading a note given to us by a P7 student, we were all very impressed both by the handwriting as well as the sentiment……