Let there be light!

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Healing Focus school now has solar panels providing lighting to classrooms and the girls ‘safe house’, allowing pupils to study and feel safe after dark.
Thanks to a generous donation through St Mary’s Church, Fairford in Gloucestershire, a solar lighting system was installed on Monday 23rd February!

“Both guardians and pupils gathered and stayed until late basking in the “day light” night, unseen in the area before. It has changed the face of the Healing School forever” said director Tom Bagoole. “The lights were installed in the main block which accommodates the Offices and the School Main Hall , the block that houses P.1 and P.2 and security lights around the School and the girl’s safe house.

Two teachers, specifically Francis and Johnson, will be responsible for the management and control of the entire solar system. On the side of maintenance, Aggrey (a local technician) was mandated to take care of the equipment but more so, to make sure that the system was working as stipulated and taught to us.

The control system (regulators and inverters) placed in a strategic room, in the safe house.
The system is safe, secure and user friendly. The incredible aspect about this system is that it is upgradeable and can be modified to accommodate more. With the lights on, evening classes and other administrative activities can go on at night uninterrupted. Security lights enhance our presence in the area.

On behalf of HOFC, the Healing School, and indeed on my own behalf, I would like to thank the Board and staff of UKHF. You have indeed lifted our spirits as well as made life changing impact on the little ones. To all of you, we say, ‘ASANTE SANA’ (absolute gratitude)” Tom.