The future is looking bright!

The Healing Children’s School library has been built and is now stacked with every book on the school’s wish list thanks to a generous donation by our friends at Much Ado Books!


During our latest visit to the school, we were able to shop for a few outstanding items like extra bunk beds for the Girls’ Safe House, much needed equipment for the maths teacher, another cooking pot for the kitchen, a wheelbarrow and a new bicycle to transport jerry cans of drinking water from the village bore hole. (The water in our rain tank is not always potable but is used for washing/cleaning).





We bought a fire extinguisher and before we left, we worked with the head teacher to develop a fire drill.


New footballs are always eagerly awaited. Five minutes after this picture was taken, both boys and girls started playing joint netball and football all together on the same pitch!


Healing Children’s School is still No. 1 in Luuka District.

At the annual Gala, Mrs. Natale, the District Education Officer, praised the school, its teachers and donors.


One of our pupils, Edgar, received an award as Best Student in the District, encouraging the Minister of Education to telephone Tom with congratulations. Francis Kafeera, one of our deputy Heads, was honoured as Best Teacher in the District.


Ali, one of our original 6 pupils to go to Busiiro Secondary in 2012, also gained an award as Best Student, presented, along with Edgar’s award, on Gala Day by Mme Nantale, the DEO.

Healing Children’s School is growing!

The school grounds have extended thanks to the donation of adjoining land by our patron, Dame Helen Mirren. We are now actively fundraising to build a permanent structure (a final stage in full registration) on this piece of land to house a Vocational Training Centre and Girls’ Safe House.