Our History

The immediate beneficiaries are the orphaned children in the community of Busiiro, a village in Luuka District in Uganda, East Africa.

Luuka is one of the poorest districts in the country with a catchment area of subsistence farmers and sugar cane plantations.

The pupils are aged between three and fifteen and follow the government curriculum. Healing Focus Orphanage Centre has a certificate of registration from Central Government and is regularly inspected by the Inspector of Schools.

The school is non-denominational and non-discriminatory.

Healing Focus School and Orphanage Centre has greatly improved the lives of the 250 children attending the school, providing free education, clean drinking water and nutritious food.

Homeless children have been placed with Guardians and abused and vulnerable girls are housed in a secure dormitory on the school premises. The local clinic is regularly stocked with medicines available both to the school and the community.

Since 2013, the school has been installed on a new site, bought by Healing Focus Orphanage Centre and in title to the school. We, UKHF, have built separate latrines for staff and pupils, installed water tanks, solar power panels and connected electricity lines to the school.

We have instituted budgets, bookkeeping and accounting transparency.

New brick classrooms have been built as well as a Vocational Training Centre. The aim of the Centre is to teach life skills like sewing and computer studies to pupils unable to continue their secondary education and to members of the community. These skills will enable the children and guardians to be financially independent instead of being exploited in the sugar cane fields or working as domestic servants.

Since 2012, through our Scholarship Fund, we have been able to secure sponsors to enable 5 children each year to continue their education at Busiiro Secondary School.